Your Vision

Your Vision

What is your vision? What turning point are you facing?

You may be in the heart of your professional life and considering your future as owner, senior employee or buyer into an established practice. You may be an owner in the midst of the journey of transitioning out of your practice.

You may be running into challenges beyond the ability of a valuation company to address. You may be uncertain as to how to transition out of your practice, confused by all the expert advice that tells you how you should do it.

You may be concerned that your practice isn’t ready and you’re reminded of the time you were thinking of selling your home and realized: “It really needs some updating if we are going to get the best price and value.” So you may be looking for help to refresh your practice and make it “ready for show,” (and in the process you may fall in love with it all over again!)

You may be in conversations with the owner of your firm about becoming an owner or the owner. You may love the business you have built, but also be wondering “what if?…”


There are all important – and very valid – issues. What if you don’t make the right decisions?

A turning point that is also a life transformation deserves a process for decision making that honors your feelings, engages and respects the feelings of others and, perhaps most importantly, helps you envision where you want your turning point to take you.

We invite you to consider a TurningPoint Retreats to begin the journey to your next vision.

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