Succession Planning Retreats

The TurningPoint Retreat

What it’s like:

The Retreat is two-and-one-half days that allow you to hit the pause button in order to reflect, get refreshed and reinvigorated about your future and your firm’s future. It is focused on the important topics you need to be considering – and discussing – as you find yourself in a career and life transition, whether you’re preparing to sell, merge, buy or join a practice:

  • How your decisions serve your business, your team, your finances, your values, your future, your family and your clients.
  • Overcoming procrastination and being “stuck.”
  • Finding your own path into the business or out of the business
  • Discovering and preparing for what’s next
  • Finding the focus, clarity and vigor to move the transition forward

Each day of a TurningPoint Retreat includes short presentations, guided small group conversations, full group discussions and personal time. On day one, we set the context, tell stories and identify your individual intentions and goals. Day two is focused on finding clarity, exploring what matters, what’s possible and what’s challenging, preparing for your future and diving into your succession plan. On the final day, we will guide you to set intentions and next steps, reflect on your Retreat experience and help you to go forward.

Our goal is to provide a true retreat experience – one that provides the right environment for reflection and confidential and meaningful conversations, and that helps you come away with clarity, conviction and confidence on how to navigate through the turning point – and into your next career and life.

Every Retreat is facilitated by Marty Kurtz, CFP®, and Elizabeth Jetton, CFP®. Read more about Marty and Elizabeth.

TurningPointTribe1_SoftEdgeAttendees of our Inaugural Retreat gather in Arizona in 2015.

Read what our attendees have said about Retreat:

“TurningPoint Retreat is a great series of conversations with a great group of professional colleagues. I came away with more clarity and sharper insights on my succession / business continuation planning. The quality and impact of the Retreat were really enhanced by the fact that both Marty and Elizabeth are on the same journey. Very enjoyable. Very worthwhile.”
– Jim Williams, CFP®, CPA, Founder and CEO of JF Williams Co., Inc.

“I have found that the workshops most beneficial to me have been taught by mentors who have walked the walk. When it comes to doing the interior and exterior aspect of succession planning, Marty and Elizabeth have walked the walk. I highly recommend this workshop.” – Rick Kahler, MSFP, ChFC, President and Founder, Kahler Financial Group

“So many advisors focus all their energy and time on the mechanics of selling their practice and wind up in the status quo (or doing nothing). The ‘deal’ is the easy part, with many available resources. TurningPoint is the resource for clarity on your focus after the deal. As advisors contemplate the choices they have for succession planning, they cannot underestimate the biggest question – now what? TurningPoint offers focused time to spend with those that are faced with the same question and a collective wisdom to bring focus to your next phase.”
– Erich Reinhardt, Vice President, Advisor Relations, Strategic Resource Team

“The TurningPoint Retreat I attended was fascinating. Knowing much about succession planning, it was interesting to attend an event where I could look at a complex topic from an angle I’d not experienced before. A retreat could well be the missing link for many in the succession planning process – the point at which you sit down and think about it away from the noise and clutter of the office environment, with people like you who really care and take the time to listen. If you’re not sure what your next step should be, take this one.” – David Grau, Sr., JD, President, FP Transitions