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About Our Logo:

“A Journey to a New Destination”

With their steady, powerful flight, geese have long been associated with undertaking a journey to a new destination – a journey that can be challenging and may take a considerable length of time. Geese are also associated with the ability to express oneself, especially through the use of stories. In the study of dreams, flying along with a flock of geese can symbolize your desire and ability to reach places you never thought capable of reaching.

The distinct “V” wedge of a flock of geese in flight allows geese to conserve their energy by reducing wind resistance. The birds take turns being in the lead, falling back when they get tired and others taking their place. The “V” formation also allows the flock to keep track of every bird in the group, assisting with communication and coordination within the group.

Our geese are the visual representation of our mission and core belief: When you reach a turning point in your career – and your life – the journey to the next place is best undertaken with those who can help reduce your wind resistance, keep you on the right flight path, and make sure you…arrive.


All successful advisors eventually face a turning point in their careers. And when there’s a turning point in a career, it’s also a turning point in life.

A turning point marks both an end and a beginning. For your practice, there’s the need to honor the past while also helping your successors paint a new future. It requires clarity, conviction and, yes, courage. It really isn’t much different for your life. We know — because we’ve been there. Our turning points have taken us from amazing to fulfilling to amazing…again.

TurningPoint helps advisors turn a career transition into a life transformation. We go to no preconceived destination, but we guide you on the journey from your turning point. Where will yours take you?
 A TurningPoint Retreat is for anyone preparing to sell, merge, buy or join a practice, even if you’re just beginning to consider what is next for you. Read more here.

“You aren’t done – or alone. From ‘letting go’ to ‘in neutral’ to ‘a new beginning.’” Listen to Elizabeth Jetton, CFP® and Marty Kurtz, CFP® discuss succession planning with vision on BrightTalk.